Danson Dressage Training and Sales Stable

Danson Dressage stud principal is Heather Currie. Heather also has part time professional rider Ashleigh Westcott in the training and development of the young horses under saddle. Heather also has a full time stable manager Emma Wilcott who enables the smooth running of a busy stable, and helps overlook the stud breeding stock as well.

We have an average of 18 dressage horses in full work.

EMMA WILCOTT - Stable Manager

Emma says

"My Passion for horses first started when i got my first job working with horses for a local trainer at Gawler with Gary Searle. I started my apprenticeship to become a stablehand in his stables, gained a lot of experience working amongst the race horses, learning about their health and partaking in the steps of their fitness getting them fit enough for a race. I was able to also attend race day meetings and strap the horses. My passion for horses grew continuously throughout working at Searle racing. I decided then to further my skills and started working in the breeding industry. I got a job at Goldin Farms in Angaston, where I was able to develop my skills with broodmares, foals, weanlings and yearlings. Seeing and learning the different handling techniques and gaining experience, which ranged from foal handling, weanling and yearling prep. Each and everyday my passion for horses continued to grow. Being able to work amongst these beautiful creature is just remarkable. I've had quite a few major setbacks that have knocked me down, but there is just something about horses that makes me keep trying and push my self to achieve my goals".

"I don't see working with horses as a job, its my passion and my life, not a job".

Heather says

"Emma Wilcott is the stable manager and 'go to' girl at Danson Dressage. Emma is worth her weight in gold to the smooth running attention to detail and meticulous care of the horses and overseeing the agistment horses and owners. Emma is the direct contact for all of these needs. Emma's care and love for the horses is outstanding and the trust and honesty she has shown in her time at Danson Dressage and taking on such a responsible and demanding job has been inspirational. Emma has always got a smile on her face. She is polite and caring but has the work ethic and drive of a winner. We are very lucky to have such an employee as Emma. We truly are grateful and as such Emma becomes the first full time salaried employee that receives all the perks of super and holiday pay! We look forward to a long term working partnership with our superstar stable manager Emma Wilcott".

Emma Emma Emma Emma Emma Emma


Ashleigh says

"I have spent the last 7 and a half years working, riding and learning under the expert guidance of Heather Currie! I have learnt the training system that allows me to have all my horses working calmly and confidently to continue training through all the lateral and flying changes. Working for Danson Dressage allows me to continue developing my riding skills under Heather! Riding young breakers in preparation for sales and all have gone on to being extremely successful in their owners' chosen disciplines. As well as restarting OTTB and preparing then for their new careers after racing! I have experience in all 3 Olympic disciplines and have evented successfully up to 2 star with multiple horses, as well as show jumping up to 130cm!

Some of my most memorable achievements are;
1st - 120cm series final 2019 SA state SJ championships - Land of the Free (OTT)
1st - 5yo SA state young horse championships 2018 - Endevour TL
3rd - 4yo SA state young horse championships 2018 - Danson Donnerkiss
3rd - Melbourne International 3DE 2015 CCIJ1* - Crockadoo
1st - Mildura HT 2016/17 -Cloverash Mirror Image

Heather says

"Meet Ashleigh Westcott - What can I say about Ash! Ashleigh has been with me at Danson Dressage since she was 14 years old! Ashleigh is now a highly accomplished professional rider many years later. Not only does she ride 6 horses a day at Danson Dressage she is also the rider for professional show jumper Clive Reed. She rides the jumpers in the morning the dressage horses in the afternoon!

Ashleigh has developed into a rider for Danson Dressage that is impossible to find without the development and skills she has developed whilst on the job. Not only is Ashleigh outstanding, taking the freshly backed breakers with a good solid training standard to hand over to their owners or onto their new homes, Ashleigh has also learnt the system to further develop the horses laterally - introducing flying charges with extreme success and expertise. I have watched and developed Ashleigh into a rider now for Danson Dressage that is irreplaceable. The sky is the limit for Ashleigh and we certainly bounce of each other in the daily routine in the sandpit".

Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh


Hamish is like my little son, a King Charles cavalier Spaniel, he comes absolutely everywhere with me, to every horse show every outing and he sleeps in the bed. He is such an important part of the team.

He is affectionally known as Tootie and he is such a wise little soul.

Ashleigh Ashleigh


Little Boy is an absolute character. A Jack Russell, he is Mr Confident. He loves playing with his many sticks and he is always looking for a new friend to throw them for him. He is also a very snuggly bed warmer!

Little Boy is a solid fixture at Danson Dressage and always greets everyone with a happy smiling face!

Ashleigh Ashleigh