Danson Dressage Training and Sales Stable

Danson Dressage stud principal is Heather Currie. Heather also has full time professional rider Fiona Guthrie in the training and development of the young horses under saddle . Heather also has a full time stablehand that enables the smooth running of a busy stable, and overlooking the stud breeding stock as well.

We have an average of 28 dressage horses in full work .

Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh


We are extremely lucky to have the very experienced and well performed rider Fiona Guthrie as a rider here at Danson Dressage , not only is she a very good dressage rider she also has extensive experience in high level eventing ,she has ridden to 3 star level and produced her own horses to this level .Fiona has had many top performances at the elite level , she currently has 3 horses listed on the SA State Squad , and has also been the rider of choice of Olympic Gold medallist Wendy Schaeffer. .

Fiona has proved to be a very valuable rider for Danson Dressage , she has very good ability to progress the young horses in their training , introducing the lateral work with ease , with confident and happy young horses that everyone can ride and enjoy . .

Showing enormous ablity as a specialist dressage rider , she also still is very handy in the jumping saddle , with her imported Don Frederico gelding Don Duchonvy having a meterotic rise through the showjumping ranks in a short peroid ,however her Don Duchovny purchased by Fiona at Danson Dressage is also showing that he has the abilty for Grand Prix and they are well on their way to their first FEI start , Heather highly recommends Fiona to ride and train young horses and is a very experiencd and competent competiton rider and is available through Danson Dressage for this service on your horse as well.
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Ashleigh Ashleigh


Hamish is like my little son ,a King Charles cavalier Spaniel , he comes absolutely everywhere with me, to every horse show every outing and he sleeps in the bed ,he is such an important part of the team .

He is affectionally known as Tootie and he is such a wise little soul .

Ashleigh Ashleigh


Little Boy is a absolute character, a Jack Russell he is Mr confident , he loves playing with his many sticks and he is always looking for a new friend to throw them for him , he is also a very snuggly bed warmer !!

Little Boy is a solid fixture at Danson Dressage and always greets everyone with a happy smiling face !!