Agistment Donnerblitz Donnerblitz Indoor arena Donnerblitz Indoor arena

Danson Dressage is based at the historic 97 acre property at Birdwood known as Yucanta Park. The property was previously owned by the late Dr Bob Cotton where he ran a pre-training stable and agistment facility.

From the moment you drive up to the property, it has a special feeling of peace and tranquility with its beautiful grassy, gum-studded paddocks. Whether they are racehorses coming for a spell or dressage and competition horses in full training, the horses are relaxed and happy.

Danson Dressage prides itself on the care and expert attention paid to every horse with its 24 hour supervision. We will cater to your horse's requirements in every way.

Facilities include:

* the 'Donnerblitz' outdoor arena - 20m x 60m with Equi-Tec arena surface and mirrors

* the 'Honduras' Indoor arena - 20m x 60m

* the 'Istan' outdoor competition and warmup arena - 20m x 60m

* the 'Fred Perry' outdoor showjumping arena - 50m x 70m

* brick stable complex with 8 airy boxes, automatic waterers and rubber alleyway suitable for the fussiest of owners

* undercover, enclosed and safe cobblestone saddling area with tackroom access

* paddocks with lined shelters and automatic waterers

* two huge brick boxes suitable for stallions or foaling-down of mares


1. Premium post and rail paddock with lined shelter - $95 per week

2. Full care stabling - includes all feed, sawdust, hard feed (Horsepower) and hay, stabling, rugging and day paddock which is cleaned daily - $44 per day

3. Full care paddock including all hard feed (Horsepower) and hay, rugging, cleaning paddock - $33 per day

4. Full care, shared paddock with hay, rugging, cleaning paddock - $22 per day

5. Full care shared paddock (hay only) - $19 per day

6. Large grass paddock (individual) - $85 per week

7. Wire paddock (individual) - $75 per week

8. Wire paddock (twin share) - $65 per week per horse

9. Wire paddock (multiple) - $55 per week per horse

10. Cleaning of stables or yards - $5 per day

11. Feeding out (weekdays) - $1 per feed

12. Feeding out (weekends) - $2 per feed

13. Rug/Unrug (weekdays) - $1 per rug

14. Rug/Unrug (weekends) - $3 per rug

Danson Dressage
59 Maclean Rd
PO Box 554
Phone: 0414 720 252


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