Heather Currie

Heather Currie has been riding at state and National level for well over a decade now,riding since she was 7 years old,rising through the young rider ranks of dressage and eventing and had trained her first Grand Prix horse Waveney Picasso at the age of 19 years old the stallion was a ten year old,with the guidance of Clemens Dierks .

Heather has only ever produced her own horses from young horses through to the highest levels,and has produced countless state champions at all levels and competitive at a National level ,mainly throughout her career she has trained stallions and succesfully bred and competed throughout their careers. Heather prides herself in working closely to the training scale and the empathy and understanding of the systamatic training system,which she has been rewarded with consisitent and repeated results.

Heather is currently on the SA State Squad with Donnerblitz and Dutch mare Up TO GO owned by Eddie Blass.

Proudly now Danson Dressage has been in business for over 20 years ,first starting out as a small training and breeding stud ,to now an operation of 50 horses ,that includes the training,competition,selling of quality young dressage horses,breeding ,stallion services and is now a known and recognised brand throughout Australia. Danson horses have been and are being regularly sold all over Australia ,and also numerous sales overseas to Thailand ,China and New Zealand ,as well as horses Danson have bred being exported overseas. Heather has also mentored and built confidence in many young riders to come through the Danson Dressage stable,and spent many hours weeks and years in developing their skills and helping to produce affective riding and the ability to ride the horse in a productive way of going,with excellent results from the riders she has worked with closely. . Heather has had a two year break from Teaching outside students and only mentoring and developing the Danson Riders and working pupils , but will also now offer her services to the general public and is really looking foward to helping develop and mould the next generation of riders coming through the ranks as well as the established senior riders.

Heather to date has trained four horses up to Grand Prix level; Dusseldorf, until his untimely death and Waveney Picasso both competed at this level at just 10 years of age! Fittapladi trained all the movements to Grand Prix and competed at official Intermediate I also as a ten year old. Donnerblitz also was trained to and competed at Greand Prix level from breaking in through to Grand Prix.Emporio Van De Zwarte Molen competed at Prix St Georges but was trained to do all of the Grand prix movements until he was injured, Heather has also produced small tour horses Razino and Cooparim who were both sold to teach their new riders the exciting movements of FEI.

Heather has worked with trainers from Australia, namely Clemens Dierks and Roger Fitzhardinge,Brett Parbery and Bennett Conn to whom she is incredibly grateful for their generous help and experience. Heather also has numerous visiting overseas instructors, and always takes a healthy interest in horse trainers from other disciplines who excel in their chosen area. Heather believes that a gifted horseman/woman could excel in any discipline they choose and all have important experiences to share.

Heather spent an intense 12 mnths training in NSW with a trainer who was based in Europe for 15 years before returning to Australia, with influences from Bert Rutten and Jennie Lorison -Clarke. It was through this exposure that she really got an understanding of the exercises to develop the progress of the training through gymnasticising and straightening work. This added another dimension to her training system that has helped her produce very soft and supple dressage horses.

Heather was the young horse trainer for the SA Mounted Police from 2006 to 2008. This included training the horses and riders, working with horses from the breakers through to young horses working as patrol horses on the streets of Adelaide and also some crowd control work. This was a very interesting and challenging time for Heather as she had to adapt her dressage skills to enable it to be beneficial for these horses in their line of work. Lots of positioning and controlling of the horse's body was worked on, so as to make the scary transition to street work less traumatic. The horses enjoyed their work and looked forward to going out on patrol. It was a rewarding experience.

Heather always remains open minded and absorbs the help she receives but also never loses her own personal inner belief in her own training instincts in what she feels from her horses.

Heather is looking forward to the 2015 /16 competiton season on her new team of dressage horses !!

Rider Carreer highlights Runner up Small tour Champion Victorian Championships ,Dusseldorf. 1st Grand Prix CDN werribee 2005 with Dusseldorf Victoria 2nd Grand Prix Special 2006 Dusseldorf Victorian Championships Dusseldorf a SA championship winner at every level up to Grand Prix. FEI SA dressage horse of the year Dusseldorf ESA SA dressage horse of the year with Dusseldorf, Fittapaldi ,Donnerblitz and Emporio Van De Zwarte Molen. SA dressage rider of the year twice Winner Be Active Novice Leaderboard ,Amana Valley Roccoco Horse Magazine National Dressage Leaderboard Winner, Fittapaldi Donnerblitz undefeated at the Victorian dressage champs 2008 Medium, Advanced and freestyle with scores over 70% Donnerblitz state SA and Spring championship winner at every level to date currently to Intermediate 1. 2nd Sydney CDI Advanced 2009Donnerblitz 2nd and 3rd Australian Nationals Medium 2008Donnerblitz 3rd DWTS 6yrold class Werribee VictoriaDonnerblitz 3rd Sydney CDI 6 year old ,Donnerblitz. Won both Elementary and the Championship Victorian festival 2011 Emporio Van De Zwarte Molen. Winner of the Intermediate 1freestyle Victorian Festival 2011 2nd Intermediate 1 Victorian Festival 2011,Donnerblitz. Winner FEI Champion Mid North Championships ,Donnerblitz. Winner FEI and EA champion 2011 Royal Adelaide Show won every class .Donnerblitz and Emporio Van De Zwarte Molen. Donnerblitz and Emporio win every class at th 2011 Sa State Champs and all championships ,Emporio scores 76% in the Medium classes.

Heather's current team of Dressage horses for 2015/16 are as listed;

1. Donnerblitz
14 year old Imported German Oldenburger stallion,competing Grand Prix. Owned by Heather Currie

2. Carlos
8 year old , Imported Dutch gelding , Sire Dreamcatcher out of a Jazz mare , Competing Novice elementary.

3. Anton K
5 years ,IFS Ampere out of a Contango 11 mare ,competing prelim and novice classes,and young horse.Owned by Heather Currie

4. Grets
4 years old Imported Dutch Stallion,Sire Apache out of a Jazz mare ,competing at preliminary and novice level , and young horse classes.Owned by Eddie Blass , Heather Currie and Amanda Renourd

5. Up To Go
14 year old , Imported Dutch mare , Sire Olivi out of a Jazz mare competing small tour progressing to bigtour , currently taking a break from competiton to train towards big tour , Owned by Eddie Blass.

Heather would love to talk about and discuss any of her stallions or sales horses anytime.