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Danson Dressage is based at the Historic 97 acre property known as Yucanta Park, this was previously owned by the late Dr BOB Cotton where he ran a Pre Training stable and agistment facility,from the moment you drive up to the property located in Birdwood it has a special feel , beautiful grassy gum studded paddocks , every paddock has a lined shelter ,automatic waters, the ambience and peacefulness of this property has the horses in a relaxed extremely happy state , whether they are racehorses coming for a spell or dressage and competition horses in full training , the horses are enjoying themsleves !!

Danson Dressage prides itself on the care and expert attention paid to every horse , their is 24 hour supervision , and any small detail covered and noticed .We will cater to what your horse requires in every way.

Facilities include a fenced 20 x 60 m outdoor arena with Equi Tec arena surface ,suitable for your million dollar horse ,and mirrors .

Massive gallop track that is fenced , suitable for pre trainers or to ride the dressage horses for a safe hack out .

Indoor Brick stable complex, with 8 airy boxes ,automatic waters, polished timber with Brass tops and and rubber down the alley way suitable for the fussiest of owners and the most spoilt horses.

Enclosed and safe cobblestone saddling area ,with close tackroom access .

Two stunning historic brick huge boxes suitable for foaling mares down and also stallions .

Plans are also underway for a 20 x 60 m indoor arena .


1.Full care includes , all feed ,sawdust, hard feed (Mitavite) and Hay , stabling , rugging and day paddock which is cleaned daily.$33 per day .

2. Full care individual or share paddock includes all hard feed (Mitavite) and hay , rugging,cleaning paddock. $24 per day

3. Full care ,individual or share with hay, rugging,cleaning paddock. $19 per day .

4.Paddock with lined shelter individual per week $66

5. Paddock with lined shelter larger per week $88

6.Paddock with lined shelter larger share with one horse $66 per week.

7.Large spelling paddock $55 per week with lined shelter .

8. Extras for feeding owners supplied feed $1 per feed , and $1 per rugging unrugging , mon to friday . Weekends $2 per service and Public holidays $3 per service .

9. Indoor Stable and paddock ,sawdust supplied .$95 per week.

10. Clean stable $5.

11. Clean paddock $5 .


1. Heather Currie is available for dressage lessons at $100 per session at Danson Dressage , Birdwood.

2.Heather Currie travels for up to three riders ,$120 per session.

3.Heather Currie Clinics $900 per day .

4. Full dressage training for your horse $55 per day , includes all feed .

5.Heather Currie per ride $90

6. Fiona Guthrie per ride $65

7. Sales Horses taken , but must first be trialled and of the quality and suitablity to be represented by Danson Dressage , $55 per day plus 17.5 % of the total sales price when sold.


Heather Currie is now based at Yucanta Park ,Home of Danson Dressage at Birdwood SA

Address: "Danson Dressage"
59 Maclean Rd ,Birdwood ,PO Box 554 , Birdwood
SA 5234
Phone: 0414 720 252


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