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Make sure you keep checking our website for all the latest news and gossip at Danson Dressage. Our sales page is updated regularly - some of our best horses have been sold via the website before magazine advertisements even hit the stands! So if you want to find your next dream superstar, don't hesitate to contact Heather on 0414 720 252. Alternatively you can email us on

Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation

Eventing royalty - here he is! Exclamation is a gorgeous chestnut colt with bling. Sire Endeavour TL out of Hocs LA Confidential / Brilliant Invader. Bred to perform, well conformed, mature 16.1hh.

Enigma Enigma Enigma Enigma

View footage of Danson Enigma

Danson Enigma
Take a look at her footage. Bred in the purple to event! Plus she moves well enough for pure dressage. Mature 16.2hh black and white filly with a grey fleck through her flanks, I don't think she will grey out. Three scopey paces very good looking and striking. Sire Endeavour TL / Emir / Ed King Hill out of a Koyuna mare / Souvenir / Brilliant Invader. Weaned and ready to go, professionally handled, floats etc.

Evita Evita Evita

Danson Evita
Purpose bred for dressage or eventing. Stunning chestnut filly. Sire Endeavour TL/Ed King Hill out of an IFS Esprit mare. Built very up-hill, with lovely conformation, this filly comes in the perfect package.

Santa Santa

Danson Exclusive
Black brown coloured weanling colt. Mature 16.3hh. Sire Endeavour TL out of a Belcam Gambler mare. Magnificent type and looks.

Epona Epona

View footage of Danson Epona

Danson Epona
Take a look at her footage. Truly stunning elegant coloured Warmblood filly. Mature 16hh, three floating airy dainty paces, Sire Endeavour TL / Emir / Ed King Hill out of a lovely Bellario mare. Will make a beautiful dressage or show prospect, extremely pretty.

Eternity Eternity Eternity

View footage of Danson Eternity

Danson Eternity
Tall leggy and can move!! Take a look at her footage. Sire Endeavour TL out of a tall black Lutz mare. Mature 17hh, blk/brwn filly, weanling ready to go to her new home has been professionally handled, floats etc. Elastic scopey paces top performance filly.


Danson Don Coolio
Athletic brown yearling colt, mature 16.2hh. Scopey, elastic movement and very well conformed, this handsome, powerful young colt will make a top performance horse for the future. Already this mating has produced horses that are successful out competing in dressage and eventing with great results.

Video footage of Danson Don Coolio>"

Vanity Vanity

Danson Vanity
Sire Voices W / Glocks Voice / De Niro out of a Diamond Hit mare. Mature 16.2hh, yearling (pictured as a foal). Dressage potential plus with this very upstanding, uphill filly. Full of her own self-importance and with that 'look at me quality', she is a real show off with three super gaits. She will be a beauty.

Video footage of Danson Vanity>"


Douglas Fairbanks
Sire Danson Dreamaker / Donnerblitz / Rotspon out of a Fishermans Friend / Anamour mare. Black brown yearling colt, mature 16.3hh. Three gorgeous, elastic paces. Uphill, intelligent and 'look at me' presence.

Video footage of Douglas Fairbanks>"

Discussion Discussion

Danson Discussion
Sire Danson Dreamaker / Donnerblitz / Rotspon out of a XX mare, bred to event / dressage. Mature 16.1hh, yearling colt, liver chestnut. Short coupled and athletic, will perform.


Danson Velvet
Pretty, elegant brown yearling colt (pictured as a foal). Mature 16.2hh. Sired by Voices W out of a very well performed Belcam Gambler mare. Outstanding movement with lots of lift and airtime. Mild wind sucker.


Danson Qualify
Brown colt, mature 16.1hh. Sire IFS Quantico / Quantum out of a Brilliant Invader mare. Eventing riders, here he is! Leggy and athletic and bred to perform. Good legs and conformation.


Danson Columbus
Carlos (Imp) Dreamcatcher / Jazz son, mature 16.2hh, two years old. Black / brown. Super lift through his knees and hocks - a really interesting dressage prospect. His sire Carlos is a super talent and this young man has brilliant ability and potential. A very good horse for the future.

Video footage of Danson Columbus>"


Danson Ronaldo
Sire Keystone Rivillano (Imp) Rosentau / Rubinstein, out of a Fishermans Friend / Anamour mare. Two years old. Mature 16.3hh. If you're serious about your dressage, this lanky superstar is what you are looking for. Excellent temperament and super gaits, he will mature into a special horse.

Video footage of Danson Ronaldo>"


Danson Queenie
Bred to event! Sire Cera Quantico / Quantum out of Koyuna Genesis mare that is currently actively competing in eventing and showjumping Southern Mystery. Mature 16.3hh. Very attractive and uphill, two years old, tall well grown filly, athletic and leggy.

Video footage of Danson Queenie>"


Wilkara Dolce
Very beautiful jet black filly. Sire multi-talented performer Don Duchovny (Imp) Don Frederico / Grand Prix showjumping / FEI dressage, out of an IFS Jazz mare. Tall leggy and elegant. Mature 16.2hh, two years old, very pretty, floating expansive paces. Dressage, event, show hunter - take your pick! A gorgeous filly. Professionally handled, floats etc.

Video footage of Wilkara Dolce>"

Delisch Delisch

Danson Don Delisch
Steel grey filly mature 16.1hh, two year old. Sired by multi-talented performer Don Duchovny (Imp) Don Frederico, FEI dressage / Grand Prix showjumping, out of Hocs LA Confidential, a Brilliant Invader mare. This filly will event or make a lovely dressage prospect. Moves very well, floating paces, very pretty. Professionally handled, floats, etc.

Video footage of Danson Don Delisch>"


Danson Helena
Super moving two year old Iberian filly. Sire Hatero De PB (Imp) Spanish, WEG representative. Out of a Cooperit mare, mature 16.2hh. Three very good gaits, plenty of suspension and lift through the joints. Unique in the fact she has one beautiful blue eye, this filly is a lovely young horse that will be a top performer for the future. A well grown impressive filly and with the Iberian temperament will be a pleasure to train. Professionally handled, floats etc.

Video footage of Danson Helena>"


Danson Don Bardot
Super pretty filly (pictured as a foal) and starting to turn black liver chestnut like her sire Dreamaker / Donnerblitz / Rotspon, she looks like a riding pony warmblood doll. With a double cross of Donnerhall being out of an IFS Damsey mare, she will be highly suitable as a dressage horse or show hunter. Mature 16hh.


New World Fuschka
16.2hh brown mare, born 20.09.07. Sire Fishermans Friend / dam Anamour mare. Hanoverian papers and AWHA. Proven brood mare. Currently in foal to Carlos.

Image available soon

Danson Ethereal
Ego Gallus brown 12 year old 16.3hh mare. In foal to Voices W for a late September 2018 foal, will be a very good performance foal.

Image available soon

Apen Park Diamonique
Sire IFS Diamond Hit out of an Inspiration mare. 16.2hh bay mare, registered AWHA. Currently in foal to Endeavour TL.

Image available soon

Sire Cooperit out of an Inspiration mare. 16.1hh bay mare 12 years old. Registered AWHA. Currently in foal to Voices W.

Image available soon

Kerribee Bessima
Attractive Bellario mare out of a Souvenir dam line. 15.3hh, 6 years old. This mare is totally sound, has had dressage schooling and jump training. Currently in foal to Voices W.

Video footage of Kerribee Bessima>"